Options You Can Consider To Cover the Cracked Walls

Good thing about American homes is that they are easy to build and, hence, they do not require much of the construction work when it comes to repairing any areas of those homes. However, there are a few drawbacks that can irritate the homeowners. For instance, the wooden surfaces of walls can have the cracks developed in them. These cracks are not very easy to be patched. Painting may be a too bigger task when it comes to the covering the wall area with cracks. Moreover, the cracks reappear after some time of painting. In other words, the effort is wasted.

Here, you may be wondering about the alternates that can really work. Well, there are some great ones that can cover the wall cracks almost permanently.

Metallic wall covers

Metallic wall cover is a sort of wallpaper which consists of plants fiber and metal; both are attached using metallic thread. The application of this cover on the wall is a modern decoration technique which is trending among most of the homeowners. You can apply these covers to all of the walls of your interior or you can use it just to cover the accent wall. If there are cracks developed in the walls, you can cover those cracks using this special wallpaper, which is definitely going to last for many years to come.

Wood panels

Wood panels may be a bit expensive, but the coziness provided by these panels is unmatchable. There are many shades of brown the wood panels are available in. The main purpose of wood panels is to create a sophisticated yet cozier environment in the interior. Like any other wall covering solution, it can be applied to a wall or every wall of the room.

Unless you have good experience in handling with the wall covering, get a professional on the job of wood panel application.


It is another technique of wood paneling that involves covering of the wall from floor to the middle of wall’s height. Wood beadboard is the type that is used for wainscoting.

Although, a typical wainscot consists of wood, the modern wall paneling considerations also allow specific tiles to be used for wainscoting. The purpose of introduction of tiles is to make the solution cost effective.


Tiling on the walls goes back to ancient times. It is still considered as a viable solution for the wall covering. Tiles of different colors had been used in the far past. In the modern era, the way of tiling is changed. Stone and bricks are now being considered for wall paneling. Stone paneling is an expensive solution but there are some great alternates for that. For instance, you can use faux stone panels which look exactly like the real stone but they are actually made of polyurethane. The texture on those panels make the surface look exactly like the real stone.


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